Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen

Halley’s always been the quiet one, following her best friend Scarlett’s lead in life and love. Wherever Halley’s going, Scarlett’s usually been there first. But now, Scarlett needs Halley in a way she’s never needed her before–because Scarlett is pregnant and now it’s Halley who has to be the stronger friend. But the emotional turmoil of Scarlett’s pregnancy couldn’t have come at a worse time. While trying to deal with her best friend’s problem, Halley is also navigating the rough waters of her first relationship, trying to establish some distance with her controlling psychologist mother, and coming to terms with her grandmother’s slow slide from sanity. It’s going to be a tough junior year for both girls, but as Halley’s learning, its’ the problems that make us stronger. A quiet novel about the strength of friendship.

8 thoughts on “Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen

  1. Hi Richelle. If you like this book, you should try her new one, Lock and Key.

  2. this book made me cry! its such a good novel. it really shows you what a teen life is like and how you can make it through situations you never thought you’d survive in.

  3. Omg..this book is really awesome and also really good…
    this book showed me how tens are when they are put through hard times lke they are now…

  4. i loved this book and i red it for school so i have to do a bok report on it…i have to make a scrap book and im trying to think of main parts..its kinda hard. HAHA!

  5. i love this book so much. I am a teen and reading this book iI can totally relate to with all of the mixed emotions and of course I cried in this book. I completely recommend this book to all of you!! =)

  6. I really enjoyed this book. For those of you who are doing a book report on this, brainstorm themes of the book and pick the one that speaks to you. General themes are dating, deception, transformation of character, teen hardships, parent-teen relationships, friend relationships, and the pressures of society (sex).

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