Scooter Girl by Chynna Clugston-Major

Scooter Girl Ashton Archer is a smug, ridiculously good-looking Lothario who always gets the girl…except this time. Meet Margaret Sheldon, the “scooter girl” of the title. Absolutely perfect in every way, this Vespa-riding Mod chick has no time for smooth talking scrubs. But Ashton won’t give up, until Margaret turns the tables on him and makes his life a living hell. When Ash finally gets over his obsession, Margaret unexpectedly comes back into his life, only this time, he swears, if he can’t have her, no one will–even if he has to hire a hit man to make it so! A wonderfully fun and slapstick take on the old Taming of the Shrew/David-and-Maddie-Moonlighting story, (if you don’t get that reference, you’re clearly under 30. Go ask your parents about it.) Scooter Girl is a anime-style, scrumptious visual feast of 60’s mod scooter culture and 80’s pop, all set in a time period that could only be now! Ash is a DJ, be sure to check out thepanels where he’s spinning–the author includes song titles and bands, so you have a sort of mental soundtrack to the story. It’s GROOVY!

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