Seventeen Ways to Eat a Mango by Joshua Kadison

Seventeen Ways to Eat a Mango A gentle and fun intro. to Buddhist principles, Mango claims to be the “recently discovered” journal of “J.”, an aimless young botanist who has been sent by The Man to scout out an island paradise for the purpose of building a fruit packing plant on it. But instead, J. falls in the love with the beautiful island of Sakahara and its inhabitants, especially the village wiseman, Katchumo. Katchumo’s teachings turn J.’s capitalist sensibilities into introspective musings, and J. decides to damn The Man and seek life’s answers for himself. Call it kinda a Jonathan Livingston Seagull for the 90’s.

4 thoughts on “Seventeen Ways to Eat a Mango by Joshua Kadison

  1. I have always loved this book and I don’t think it’s strictly a “teen” book. I like the message, and I ended up on this website looking to see if Joshual Kadison has written any more books. Do you now if he has?

  2. This book is a literary treat. I say literary on purpose because it has all the potential of being a classic. Everyone should read this book, it is definitely a teen only book.

    When reading this book I felt my own pulse slow and a peace creep over my soul. I re-read it several times to imprint the quiet ways of the people of the island.

    Anyone who wanders into the pages of thhis sweet book will find their life changed in some way, and definitely for the better.

  3. I meant definitely NOT a teen only book. Sorry, I should have edited my post better before posting.

  4. Where can I buy our borrow a copy in Australia. Be wanting to read it for years but can’t get a hold of a copy, be it used or new.
    Will’s love it if someone could share theirs with me poker tell me where to buy it.

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