Shade’s Children by Garth Nix

Imagine a world where there are NO ADULTS. Okay, sounds pretty cool at first. But what if this near-future world was also full of big, armor-covered monsters called Myrmidons, pterodactyl-type beasties called Wingers and evil sharp-toothed, greasy-furred weasels called Ferrets, and they all wanted teen-aged blood on their Cheerios for breakfast? Not so cool anymore, right? As a teen in this world, ya got two options — surrender to these monsters, hop on an operating table when you’re 14 and lose your brain (they transplant it into one of the above ghoulies and you become a monster-mash who goes around and tries to capture other escaped kids) OR fight and run like hell like the kids who are part of Shade’s group. Who’s Shade? Just a computerized version of a human being who tries to help the kids who have escaped the clutches of the genetic mistakes that are roaming the countryside. But is Shade a good guy or a villain? And what can the escaped teens do to make their world safe and right again? Crack open this book and I promise you won’t put it down until you’re finished.

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