Interstellar Pig by William Sleator

interstellar pigYou think you like to play games? You may find yourself retiring the old Monopoly Board forever after checking out this planetary read. Barney isn’t exactly looking forward to spending the summer at the beach with his boring parents, until he meets his neighbors, two guys and a girl who have this neat board game about aliens called Interstellar Pig. Flattered by their attention, Barney agrees to play the game where the object is to capture this grotesque game card that somewhat resembles a pig. Suddenly, summer is a blast. Barney feels like Luke Skywalker as he zaps around the gameboard universe, always in search of the elusive pink piggy. But his new friends are acting kinda freaky and suddenly, they’re taking this game way too seriously. What’s up? Barney’s beginning to suspect that this game may be more real than he could have ever imagined…take a flight with Barney through space and beyond in this fun, bigger than life adventure.

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