Shutterbug Follies by Jason Little

Shutterbug Follies Bee is a twenty-something that works one of those McJobs as a photo teckkie in the Big Apple. It’s more interesting than you might think�Bee has a blast making copies of people’s crazy pictures and laughing about them over a beer with friends. But then one day she develops some film that isn’t very funny. The pictures are all series of corpses, most of them looking like victims of brutal crimes. The man who turned in the film claims to be a famous crime-scene photographer-turned-artist. But Bee smells a rat, and she herself becomes a photo-tech-turned-amateur sleuth as she tries to find out the truth behind the film. A sharply drawn, quality bound hardcover GN, Shutterbug Follies is drawn just like it’s subject–with the sharp lines and bright colors of a photograph. Author Jason Little’s Bee is a scrappy heroine with a heart of gold and a morbid curiosity that gets her into all sorts of scary and sometimes ridiculous situations. Don’t let this one remain “undeveloped!”

One thought on “Shutterbug Follies by Jason Little

  1. Just a clarification: Bee is not a “twenty-something.” At one point in the story she tells someone else her age, which is 18.

    Also, while I would have no problem giving this book to a teenager, it does contain naked and graphically violent images, so others may want to be more circumspect with it.

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