SlowDance HeartBreak Blues by Arnold Adoff with artwork by William Cotton

slowdanceWhat it is: Only my most favorite book of poetry EVER! Arnold Adoff rocks–he’s written tons of poetry for children and teens, and it’s always great. But this is his best, IMHO. It’s like he crawled inside your teenage head and spread out it’s contents on a blank page. What kills me is how he KNOWS stuff, man! Stuff you were sure no adult understood, super serious feelings and situations that were SECRET, PRIVATE. Somehow, he gets it right and it’s like he’s in the teen tribe again, even though he’s a grown-up. And I hope I become just like him!

What it ain’t: stupid or condescending. It’s not some old writer trying to write about what he THINKS teens are like. It’s a sensitive writer who knows his audience and his limitations. It’s just perfect.

Who will like it: Secret journal scribblers and that quiet kid who sits in the back of the class and never talks.

A Sample: “Now”/This time/from trolls to tampax/says it all.

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