Sweep: Book of Shadows (Book 1) by Cate Tiernan

I’m not one to endorse series books–I’ve rarely read one that wasn’t the same old formula recycled over and over. But if this introductory book is any sign of things to come, then we’ve got a winner on our hands. Sweep is essentially about our main girl Morgan’s reluctance to accept the fact that she’s got some seriously witch-y genes, and I don’t mean Jordache. She’s starting to swoon during the full moon, and tell the future in small flashes. Then handsome, perky Cal Blaire comes to town and she falls under his spell pretty quick. Only Cal’s a practicing Wiccan and he wants Morgan and her posse to start a new coven w/ him. (The story’s only weak spot–like a guy new to town would draw possibly damning attention to himself by publicly announcing in his new school–“Hey, y’all, I’m a witch! Wanna be one, too?”) Morgan has to face her fate as a witch as the lines are drawn between her and her best friend Bree, who is also deeply in love with Cal. Who will win Cal and fly off into the moon rise on his-and-her broom sets? Until you’re able to score the next volume in this spooky series, sweep this off the shelf and under the covers for some midnight reading!

One thought on “Sweep: Book of Shadows (Book 1) by Cate Tiernan

  1. I really liked this series. They are very different from the other types of “witchcraft” books I really loved it and recommend it too.

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