Storm Warriors by Elisa Carbone

Storm WarriorsIn the post Civil War South, one of the few jobs that an able bodied African American man can hold in North Carolina is that of a “surfman,” one of the professional life savers that work to save floundering ships and crews during the winter storm season. Twelve year old Nate Williams wants to be one of those brave, before-Baywatch guys instead of a boring old fisherman, like his father. He can’t understand why dad is so against him becoming like one of his heroes, a “storm warrior.” Nate soon learns that father actually has his best interests at heart when he discovers that only the surf outpost on Pea Island, NC is open to African American workers. Nate could train to become a surfman–but he’d never be able to get another job off of Pea Island due to the prevailing racism of the day. Down but not out, Nate finds a way to help his community and himself in a totally different way that is just as brave as boogie-boarding out to shipwrecks. Full of daring rescues during wild and stormy nights, Storm Warriors is only for the bravest of sailors. Landlubbers should stick to Little House on the Prairie!

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