Stones in Water by Donna Jo Napoli

Stones in WaterBased on true events, Donna Jo Napoli tells a different kind of Holocaust story that fans of Anne Frank may not have encountered before. Roberto is an Italian boy sick to death of WWII scrimping and pinching. So when a couple of his guy friends suggest taking in a rare American movie, Roberto goes, even though he knows if his mom finds out he’s in for it. Unfortunately, German soldiers have picked this Venetian movie theatre to raid for free labor. They take all the able bodied boys in the audience, load them up on a train, and without even a goodbye or explanation, take them all far away from their homes to toil in German work camps. Already cold, hungry, and afraid for his life, Roberto has one other little thing to worry about–his friend Samule. See, Samule is Jewish, but the German guards who took them don’t know that. Because to get into the forbidden movie theatre, Samule took off the yellow star that identified him as a Jew. Now, the two of them struggle to stay alive, keep Samule’s secret and hope against hope that they’ll make it home safely. Brutal and compelling, this is an amazing story of strength and friendship with lots of harsh landscape living thrown in. Get ready to cry buckets.

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  1. i loved this book!! great read!! i encourage all my friends to read it and you should too!! i cried tons!! :’)

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