Tank Girl by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin

tank girlWho can kill bounty hunters with a single blow, chain smoke, and flirt with kangaroo mutants all at the same time? Why, Tank Girl of course! Forget Xena, this futuristic warrior princess commands her own tank and takes no bull from anyone, including Satan himself. I love this crude, rude girl–she’s got a shaved head covered with Band-Aids and her language would make a truck driver blush, but her flowered push-up bra is always in place and her magenta lipstick is never smudged. Tank Girl–a heroine for our times and a lot less polished than those Gen 13 babes! Note, Tank Girl fans, there is also a movie of the same title starring Lori Petty, with Ice-T in one of his lesser known roles as one of the kangaroo mutants. The fun is in trying to guess which one!

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