The Tale of One Bad Rat by Bryan Talbot

one bad ratThis tale is about a rat, but it’s really the story of a girl named Helen who has a huge problem. Her dad is getting a little too friendly, (like un-fatherly touching and stuff like that) and her mom flat out says that she never wanted Helen anyway. So, Helen chops off all the pretty blond hair that made her so attractive to her father and hits the road with the pet rat she rescued from the school dissection lab. She had this crazy idea that if she can just get to the birthplace of her author-idol Beatrix Potter, she’ll be okay. This is the story of how she hitchhikes around getting into all kinds of dangerous situations until she finally finds a place where she feels safe. Then she realizes she will never really feel safe until she confronts her dad about the sexual abuse. A serious, powerful graphic read about the effects of abuse and how to start the healing process.

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