The Other Ones by Jean Thesman

The Other OnesIn school, I hated being called “gifted.” It either meant one of two things: you were smart, and therefore made fun of, or you were slow, and therefore made fun of. Either way, you were screwed. As to which category I fell under, I’ll let you be the judge. Bridget is gifted too, but in ways that make people pretty uneasy. In past times, they’ve burned those who’ve had Bridget’s “gifts.” Yep, Bridget is a witch, but one in complete denial. She doesn’t want to be a Wiccan, doesn’t want to be different or gifted. But when a mysterious new girl joins Bridget’s class giving off some desperately sad vibes, Bridget knows she has to use her powers to help. Jean Thesman is the best author for folks like me who only like a tiny bit of supernatural in their stories. Her stuff is super realistic with only the very tips of a broomstick poking through. I just love her writing and I think you will too, gifted or not!

2 thoughts on “The Other Ones by Jean Thesman

  1. hey jen,

    this book sounds good.i just have one little problem…im not sure if i want to read it cuz im not much of a supernatural freak-no offense to anybody-!! and i really couldnt tell how much “fake” stuff it has by your description above, because what may be little to u may be a “little” overboard for you. well to help u decide if its good for me here is something: ive read “jinx” by meg cabot and that was a little overboard.

    thanks for helping jen,

  2. Mitzi,

    if you though there was too much supernatural in Jinx, the you would probably find the same situation in The Other Ones, which does contain an element of fantasy.

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