Repossessed by A.M. Jenkins

RepossessedWhen minor demon Kiriel “borrows” the body of Shaun, a teenage boy who is supposed to die when he accidentally walks into the path of an oncoming truck, he becomes fascinated by all the mundane human acts we take for granted, like seeing, breathing, and eating. But Kiriel knows he has to cram in as many Earthly experiences as possible before the Creator calls him back to his demon-ly duties. So he revels in the taste of ketchup, enjoys kissing his first girl (although he would have liked to do more) and tries to plant a few seeds of caution among the high school bullies and power brokers, in hopes that he won’t have to make their acquaintances later…downstairs. A.M. Jenkins’ inspired portrayal of a sympathetic demon and his longing to stay human, so that he might actually be NOTICED by the all-powerful (an apparently, all-too-busy) Creator, is funny, thought provoking, and surprisingly deep. Not only will you come away with a new appreciation of ketchup, but also your radical, amazing adolescence, which only happens once and will be over and done before you know it…

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