The Singing Mountain by Sonia Levitin

The Singing Mountain Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all of a sudden the meaning of life became completely clear to you? Like, for once you finally understood the purpose in your body and soul being placed on this planet? That’s how 18 year old Mitch feels when he travels to Israel for the first time on a class trip. Suddenly, his Jewish heritage is more than just window dressing. Mitch decides that he wants to stay in Israel and study Judaism, maybe even switch over his citizenship. But Mitch’s friends and family in the United States are terrified that he has been brainwashed by some extreme Jewish group, especially his cousin Carlie. So Carlie and Mitch’s mom go to Israel in hopes of luring Mitch into coming back home, and what happens to them there changes everybody’s lives forever. A good solid story about how much identity can be shaped by religion.

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