Send Me Down a Miracle by Han Nolan

Send Me Down a Miracle It’s pretty hard being a preacher’s daughter. Between dealing with her hardcore, Bible-verse-spouting dad and making excuses for her mid-life-crisis mom, Charity Pittman is just plain tired. Then artist Adrianne Dabney swirls into town from New York City and ends up turning Charity’s whole world upside down and back to front. Adrianne locks herself up in her house for a month in complete darkness as part of a “sensory deprivation” project that she hopes will enhance her artistic vision. But the only vision she ends up having is one of Jesus Christ sitting in her living room chair. Well, when that little news item gets out, all hell breaks loose-literally. The little town becomes sharply divided between those who want to worship the “Jesus chair” and those, including Charity’s dad, who believe the chair is an instrument of the devil. Charity finds herself in the awkward position of being somewhere in the middle, since she wants to support her dad, but has also fallen under Adrianne’s intoxicating spell. A little book with a big message that suggests we’re responsible for making our own miracles.

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