The Tooth Fairy by Graham Joyce

I know that you’re thinking you’re just a little too old for that whole Tooth Fairy/Santa Claus bit, but let me assure you, this is a very gritty book and this fairy is no little pink-frocked, gossamer-winged cutie. Sam is in grade-school the first time he spots the Tooth Fairy. By waking up and surprising her on her way out of his room, Sam somehow forms a connection between himself and this hellish sprite that is sometimes male, sometimes female and always, always causing trouble. She’s there the day that a big bully threatens Sam and his friends and Sam goes for the bully’s throat. Did Sam really kill the kid who wouldn’t leave him and his mates alone, or is he just the victim of the Tooth Fairy’s hallucinogenic illusions? And if he’s not a murderer, then why do the police find a body in the woods behind Sam’s house? The Tooth Fairy is loose, and no one is safe. After reading this shivery page turner, you’ll think twice about what might be under your pillow!

4 thoughts on “The Tooth Fairy by Graham Joyce

  1. This is on of my favorit books of all time. I’m so glad to see it here on your site!!!

  2. xD sounds kinda funny yet scary i mean the whole idea of an evil tooth fairy xD i think im going 2 read this

  3. hi grace,

    i agree with u!! i was always thought that tooth fairys were related to tinker bell!! i gues not any more

    i think ima give this book a shot!!

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