The Transformation by Mette Newth

The TransformationIn the 15th century, young Irish monk (and hunk) Brendan has been sent by the Catholic church to a lonely missionary outpost in Greenland, where he and his colleagues are expected to turn the native people onto Christ and away from their wicked ways. But things don’t turn out so well when the monks can’t really make a go of igloo living and start dropping like frozen flies. Brendan is the last one left alive, and he’s slipping fast. Enter Navarana, a Inuit shaman babe who sweeps in and saves Brendan’s life, even though that means one more mouth to feed in her already starving village. A village elder, wiser that both of them because he can see that opposites attract even when it comes to shamans and priests, sends them off on a mission together to find food, even though they act like they can’t stand each other. Chances are good that they’re gonna hook up, but what about the hungry villagers they left behind? Will they be able to stop quarrelling/kissing long enough to complete their mission? I’m making this book sound sillier than it is–Mette Newth is actually one of my favorite authors because she writes so beautifully and lyrically without the Harlequin cheese factor. Plus, it’s a great examination of religious beliefs and why we believe what we do. Your teacher will love it! (and so will you).

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