The Fated Sky by Henrietta Branford

The Fated SkyWaaaay back in Viking era Norway, teenage Ran has just about had it with her selfish mother. Ran’s dad is dead, and Ran’s mom has decided to take up with her old flame, Vigut, your average burning and pillaging evil Viking warlord. So Ran is forced to leave her beloved granny Amma and travel with Vigut and her mom to their new digs a few moons away. Too bad for Ran that en route mom dies, and nasty Vigut gets it into his pea brain that Ran is somehow responsible for putting an evil spell on her old lady. So now Ran is on the run (hee hee! love that word play!) from Vigut and his murderous band of Viking dudes. Lucky for her that she meets up with Toki, blind bard who also happens to be a hottie. They hook up typical Viking style (due to the short life expectancies of these guys, they had to get together and have babies fast and young, before they were snuffed out by disease, cold weather, or wolves) and cross over into Iceland, where they hope to be safe from Vigut. But Vi is on his way–Ran can feel it. Will she ever be able to escape his vicious Viking wrath? Be prepared to sit down with this one and read it straight through–it’s under 200 pages and so action-packed you won’t be able to put it down for a second.

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