Three Clams and an Oyster by Randy Powell

Three Clams and an OysterHigh school juniors McCallister, Beaterson and Deshutis are the four-man flag football team Three Clams and an Oyster, except there’s only three of them. There used to be four, but their best bud Cade Savage can’t be depended on anymore since he’s become so interested in drinking and partying. Now it’s the final weekend before the September deadline of listing your team members on the roster, and the three Clams are up a creek. Do they officially dump Savage for a.) Big Man on Campus Thor, who’s a local football legend, but smokes a little too much weed, b.) Tim Goon, he of the unfortunate last name, “man breasts,” and Wayne Newton resemblance, but also owner of a ski cabin he might let the guys use, c.) or Rachel Summerfield, the best jock of them all, but so pretty and confident that the guys aren’t sure they can deal with her upstaging them. Over the course of one weekend, these three dudes have some of the most realistic conversations and arguments I’ve ever read in a teen novel that range from hilarious to heart-breaking as they try to make the most mature decision, learning a lot about themselves and each other in the process. And if you’re not a huge fan of flag football, don’t worry about it. Because this super-smart, funny book is about just about everything else BUT football.

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