Marvel’s Civil War by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven

civil war
Blame it on Speedball. He was the leader of the minor superhero team who were making their living as reality TV stars. But when Speedball and Co. go after a group of villains that are way out of their league in front of the cameras, the fallout from their neighborhood battle is tragic—an entire elementary school is wiped off the map when one of the bad guys goes nuclear. Suddenly the citizens of the United States are up in arms, demanding that all superheroes must be made to register their powers with the government. Leading the pro-registration movement is Tony Stark, aka Ironman, with Peter Parker, the Amazing Spiderman at his side. But not every super person is thrilled about the idea of unmasking, namely Mr. US of A himself, Captain America, who counts half of the Fantastic Four and Daredevil on his side. What happens when the two super sides collide is Civil War, the amazing Marvel comic series that has been sweeping the nation for the past year, and has now been collected into several graphic novels. In addition to reading the main Civil War storyline, you may want to fill in the back story by reading about the conflict through the eyes of some of your other favorite Marvel heroes. My favs wereAmazing Spider-Man, No. 533 (Civil War: Spiderman Unmasked) and Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways Think about it–who’s side are YOU on?

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