Schooled by Gordon Korman

schooledCapricorn “Cap” Anderson isn’t just working the retro-hippie vibe, he IS the genuine, tie-dyed article. Homeschooled by his grandmother Rain, he’s grown up on a commune where the most exciting event in his week is going into town to pick up more tofu and duct tape. But when Rain breaks her hip and must go into the hospital, Cap is forced to live in the suburbs with a social worker and attend the local middle school. Though he is disturbed by all the noise and confusion, Cap is able to meet the new challenge with his usual Buddhist calm, practicing tai chi during lunch, and leading Beatles singalongs in the music room. But what happens when the most popular guy at school decides to set Cap up as the mock eighth grade president? Suddenly Cap is being peppered with questions about the annual Halloween dance and whether or not he intends to press the issue of getting all the water fountains converted to Gatorade. Utterly confused by the bizarre behavior of his peers (and not even quite sure how he came to be president) can this homeschooled zero turn the tables and become a middle school hero? Gordon Korman, author of Born to Rock and Son of the Mob has written another of his signature rib-tickling stories, which tend to be bright beacons of funny in a YA-angst ridden world. By telling his tale through the eyes of a complete innocent, Korman makes a place that is familiar to all of us unexpectedly and delightfully absurd. Get Schooled!

13 thoughts on “Schooled by Gordon Korman

  1. Me too! It’s really cute and funny while having some deep moments for middle school readers.

  2. i love this book to death! my teacher is reading it to us and this book is so funny!!!

    i love this book

  3. I am about to teach this book to a group of 7th graders. I have not been able to find any teaching guides for this book. Does anyone know if there are any out there? Thanks!

  4. Tammy, I don’t know of any teaching guides, but I have read it aloud to 7th graders for three years now and they love it!

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