Alabama Moon by Watt Key

There’s nothing I like better than a good survival story, and debut author Watt Key has penned a fantastic one! It’s 1980, and Moon Blake has never been to school, had a sleepover, or eaten at McDonald’s. That’s because his Pap, a disgruntled Vietnam vet who distrusts the government, has raised him entirely in the deep woods, far from any cities or people. Moon knows how to shoot and skin a deer, and how to make an impromptu shelter out of bay boughs and pine needles, but has no clue how to make small talk or interact with anyone other than his Pap. So when Pap has an accident and subsequently dies, unsuspecting Moon is left to his own devices, and is quickly taken into custody by the state. However, he surprises everyone when he not only busts out of the toughest boys’ home in Alabama, but takes a busload of boys with him, determined to live free or die trying! Alabama Moon is both a deep-hearted adventure story and an amazing character study of a unusual boy you will soon come to root for. This book was brought to my attention by the teens at the 2007 BBYA Teen session at the ALA Annual Conference in Washington, D.C., who all had good things to say about it. So thanks, guys! I loved it!

7 thoughts on “Alabama Moon by Watt Key

  1. I love this book but I do wish the main character was older, maybe at least 12 so teens would find it more. At our location its in the childrens room and NEVER gets the attention it deserves.

  2. I KNOW! The conflict and action will appeal to older teens, if they just find it. If you have any teens who like to post about what they read, please send them here if they end up reading this book!

  3. I love this book. I had to read it formy summer reading. The auhor lives down in my area. When I started reading t his book it was physically impossible to put it down. I ended up reading it in two days and now i have to take a test on it

  4. I love this book so far i am on chapter 24 and just e-mail me with the chapter 24 and the rest thanks

  5. Well, I’m 69 and I loved it too. There is nothing like a good survival, orphan story. I really like the part about how much he liked jail food! In some ways it’s even better than Hatchel (another favorite) because Moon does what he know and succeeds to a degree..and learns that there are other ways to think and feel. What a heartwarming protagonist!

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