Dead High Yearbook, edited by Mark McVeigh and Ivan Velez

dead highWelcome to Dead High! At this killer school, the only way to get your mug into the annual yearbook is to lose your head…or heart…or some other vital organ. In the boarded-up basement of a condemned high school, this year’s staff is hard at work creating the ultimate high school keepsake, making sure that everyghoul, I mean, everyone is included. Within it’s blood-smeared pages, you’ll find It-girl Rowena, who made the mistake of cuddling a little too close to her new puppy (which just happens to be a demon-possessed Chihuahua—watch out, Paris! This could happen to you!), Louis, whose nasty old grandma-turned-zombie held him hostage for midnight snacking purposes, and Clara, who was so determined to take the SATs that not even decapitation was going to stop her, among many others who had the bad luck of biting it too young. This half-cheesy, half-scary collection of short stories featuring teens meeting their untimely, supernatural ends reminded me of some of the best Tales from the Crypt storylines. I for one enjoy getting my shiver on, and I applaud McVeigh, Velez & crew for giving us a good old-fashioned, full-color, gory teen-themed horror-fest. I enjoyed every blood-curdling minute of it, and if you’re a fan of the Cryptmaster & co., you’ll (grave) dig it too!

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