Huge by Sasha Paley

April and Wil have both ended up at Wellness Canyon (read: FAT Camp) for the summer. But while April saved all her babysitting money for a year to attend the exclusive teen weight loss spa, Wil is being forced by her famous fitness parents to go to camp and lose weight –or else! When this unlikely pair is assigned to room together, sparks predictably fly. But when they are both kissed and dismissed by the same “barely chubby” football jock, the unlikely allies partner up in a plan of sweet revenge (can you say, “Ex-Lax?”) This lightweight story about heavy issues pairs well with Cherie Bennett’s Life in the Fat Lane or Myrtle of Willendorf by Rebecca O’Connell. It also reminded me of the fav fat camp story from my youth, Jelly Belly by Robert Kimmel Smith. But I date myself–whether you like summer camp stories or weight loss victory laps, you’ll HUGE-ly enjoy Huge.

3 thoughts on “Huge by Sasha Paley

  1. i really liked this book it was really good! im not that skinny myself so it encourged me to try and lose wait too. Seeing that april lost so much wait with how much she lost i would be way skinny! such a good book!

  2. i really loved that book!!!!!!it encouraged me to lose weight to and so far i’ve lost 17 pounds in a week!!!!

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