Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

When she was a little girl, Grace was dragged off the tire swing in her Minnesota backyard one winter by a starving wolf pack who had every intention of having her for dinner. But one yellow-eyed male stopped the feeding frenzy and saved Grace’s life. So instead of being afraid of the wolves, she becomes their defender, especially the amber-eyed one she calls her own. Flash forward: Grace is a junior in high school when one of her classmates is attacked and killed by the pack. Armed, angry townsmen head into the woods to get rid of the wolves once and for all, and Grace throws her self into their line of fire in an attempt to save her wolf. Imagine her surprise when a bullet grazes the animal and he turns into a stunning young man named Sam right before her eyes. She acts quickly, saving his life as he saved hers all those years ago, and soon a passionate romance blossoms between them. Sam reveals to Grace that the pack are actually werewolves, who remain human for the most part as long as the weather is warm, but are forced to succumb to their wolf state when the temperature drops. To make matters worse, as the seasons turn, the pack remain as wolves for longer and longer periods of time until they stop becoming human altogether. Sam is eighteen years old, and knows that this is his last year as a human. Once he turns again, he will stay a wolf for the rest of his life. The shock of being shot caused Sam to revert to his human state, but the weather is growing frostier by the day, and despite all her efforts to keep Sam warm, Grace is terrified that she will lose her first love to his wolfish nature forever. Meanwhile, there are two renegade wolves on the loose who are determined to return Sam to the pack even if they have to kill Grace to do it. Can Sam protect Grace from their murderous means in his weakened human condition? Can Grace find a way to defy the laws of nature and keep their love from growing cold? Twilight fans, HERE is the worthy successor to your fav series. There is abundant romance, a little sex (mostly off page), a gorgeous, swoon-worthy boy, some suspenseful fight scenes and best of all, a strong, smart heroine who puts passive Bella to shame. I have to admit I rolled my eyes a little over Sam’s near-perfection (a song-writing literary werewolf who loves Rilke’s poetry and can read it in the original German? REALLY?), but even cynical old me got a little misty on the last page, which may be my favorite ending in recent history. A lovely Fall-into-Winter book for now, and a great romance anytime.

14 thoughts on “Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

  1. Ooh – you have used that magic ‘T’ word! That means many readers will be all over this. Good realistic review, I’ve heard a lot of anticipation about this title, so glad to see it mostly holds up to the hype.

  2. Okay, your reviews are so great, and the books sound so wonderful, that I’m getting overwhelmed with how many of them I now have to read! Yikes!
    great Job, Jennifer!

  3. Loved this book and there was no drama created by Sam and Grace just a great, enduring heart-felt love!

  4. I read this book, and it was absolutely amazing! I totally reccomend it. I had to literally force myself to put it down so that I could get some sleep the night I started reading it. 🙂

  5. i honestly thought this was better than anything stephenie meyer could have accomplished, seeing as there was a plot. a good read (:

  6. Hi Ila,

    Yes, a good romantic read for fall. Glad to see you liked it, and I hope you come back for more good book suggestions!

    Happy reading!

  7. i read it, and i loved it. however i have to strongly disagree on it being better than twilight. it is really good. if u like werewolves ur gona love this book!!!!!

  8. Shaby Mjd, I really loved this book but I was soooo happy there was no drama in the young love of Grace and Sam—just both knowing they loved each other!

  9. I agree. in some books the love drama is too much. it was wonderful to read about two people who knowingly love each other.

  10. This book goes at the top of my list, along with Twilight, Hush Hush and the Gemma Doyle Trilogy for books that have awesome boys in them. And it’s an awesome book besides that.

  11. i read all the twilight books and honestly this is a million times better! if you like this hush, hush by becca fitzpatrick is probly i good book for you!

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