Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

An Open Letter to Stephenie Meyer:

Dear Ms. Meyer,
In all the years that I have been writing Reading Rants, I have never received as much email about a title as I have about your debut novel, Twilight. Your story of star-crossed lovers, one human, one vampire, has been so embraced by teen readers everywhere, that they have let me know, in no uncertain terms, how extremely remiss I am in not having posted a review of Twilight on Reading Rants. So here it is, for those of you vampire lovers who haven’t already devoured it (and the voluminous sequels, New Moon, Eclipse, & Breaking Dawn).

Twilight Bella Swan loves the sun, but she loves her dad more, so she agrees to come live with him in his perpetually rainy abode in Washington State. There, she meets gorgeous, brooding Edward Cullen, for whom the rainy climate is perfect. You see, Edward and his family are all vampires and tend to turn translucent in sunlight (as opposed to shrivel into smoldering ash), which can be difficult to explain, hence his frequent absences from school when the weather’s fine. Luckily for Bella, who has fallen head over heels for the stunning bloodsucker, Edward and his clan only hunt animals, not people. But the teen lovers are forced to keep their ardent kisses in check, because as Edward’s Bella-lust begins to rise, so does his bloodlust, and the chances that Bella will suffer more than just your run-of-the-mill hickey. The two manage to balance their unusual relationship until a roving band of real bloodsuckers invades Edward’s family’s territory and threaten Bella. Can Edward overcome his natural desires to save Bella? Or will the new vampires cause him to cross over to the dark side? Lushly written and hauntingly atmospheric, you’ll want to follow up this read with Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare, and The Silver Kiss by Annette Curtis Klause.

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  1. Hi. Edward you are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hott. You and Bella makes a good couple. I am on the first book on page 208. I just got it two days ago. I love you soooooooo much. I am going to go to Hollywood to meet the ators with my bffs…… I am going to see the movie on the first ay it comes out.

  2. This is the BEST BOOK EVER . If you dont own it already go and purchase it . lov the movie love the book

  3. I’ll comment on Breaking Dawn…it was my least favorite book of the four (and even Midnight Sun).
    I resisted reading these book until a couple weeks ago and read through all of them in less than a week. They are a quick read. Some parts were corny but you just get so wrapped up in the plot that its hard to stop.
    As for Breaking Dawn, I felt like the author crammed so much into this book and tried so hard for the “happily ever after” that it failed miserably. Am I the only one who was disappointed with it? The was no big fight and no one died…not to sound morbid, but I was just disappointed with how it ended. I mean I guess everyone want the happy ending but I think she sacrificed a lot of what this last book could have been to get it.

  4. I will leave a comment that the students in my YAL class have stated recently…. Was there life BEFORE Twilight? Now we are searching for the next “Twilight”….

  5. There is one word to represent this series.
    Serious,What vampires feed on animals only?God and vampires burst into flames ibn the sun.THEY DON’T GET FREAKING GLITTER SKIN!You people seriously need a lesson on vampires.Read books like Life Sucks(can be found here)!Grah!

  6. Hey! Great site. Your review is awesome. I totally agree. Its true in mort moves vampires usually shrivel up.. but to this book there is a twist…I think its interesting being able to read this book and not having to imaging a “perfect” looking vampire dieing. Right? I enjoyed reading this book and I can’t wait to read the next one!!

  7. hey! its a really good movie twilight and i hope i see new moon i cant believe that its a vampire movie its so cool I JUST!!! LOVE!!! TWILIGHT!!! SO!!! MUCH!!! MY!!! FAVOURITE!!! PERSON!!! IS!!! BELLA!!! CONGRATZ!!! TO!!! THE!!! PEOPLE!!! THAT!!!! MAD!!! IT!! THANKS!!! TO!!! EVERY!!! TWILIGHT!! FAN!!!


  9. I loved twilight!!!! The book kept me hooked and i couldn’t stop reading!!!! Stephenie Meyer put a twist into the sight we had of vampires. I love the whole saga and cant wait for Stephenie to write more of Midnight Sun. I read all the comments on Twilight and i am truly apalled at what terrible comments this exceptional book recieved!! For all of you who haven’t read Twilight, u need to start!!!

  10. WhiteCrane00 is so right! i hate him too. jacob that is. he shouldnt interfere and im mad at the editors or whatevr that told stephenie to include him more- her original sequel did not include edward leaving, nor jacobs involvement. the sequel also did not fit in young adult. i wish she had used that one just edited a bit and written about problems in the future books there would still be four- volturi, jacob and renesmee, renee visiting, and of course a whole lotta edward. :))) basically minus new moon. btw i love what shes done i read them all four times i just dont like jacob’s involvement. GREAT JOB -New Moon tho. yup i have OCD, obsessive cullen disorder.

  11. The Twilight phenomenon is mind-boggling to me. Why are so many people so hooked? Hard core fans seem to have this rabid-to-the-point-of-delusion devotion to these books that makes critical thought all but impossible. The only thing I can think of is that it is unabashedly romantic, more so than almost every other book I have read, very little else happens plot-wise that does not link back to the romance. It is the ultimate in wish-fulfillment, and maybe that is the point.

  12. READ IT! It’s a nice change because lately all of the booms in the YA section are the same. Gossip Girls, The Clique, the A-List, it’s all the same… Twilight is really good and so is the rest of the series but DON’T BECOME OBSESSED!

  13. Twilight rocks. But if you don’t like dakr vampire werewolf stuff, it’s not for you. I think it’s better than haryr potter, but I haven’t read harry potter so I can’t really say that… I wish stephanie would finish midnight sun. I loved the twilight series and it would be great if she published another.

  14. to start i hate reading but evers ence i started reading these books i have gotten hooked like everybody says they are adicting like edward says to bella (youre blood is like a drug to me) well that sentence can well be used in describing these books. i have read all of the books besides breaking dawn i am reading it now and it is the bomb so far IIIIII LLLLLLOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE THESE BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKS. now i am team jacobe and the onley part that i dont like is the part where she chooses Edward over jacob ugh that makes me mad. no hard feeling though.


  15. i loved all your books especially eclipse. edward and jacob really express themselves in this book.

  16. i didnt really like the series, I think that Bella’s marry-sue. and if you know the definition you know why. I actually found a grammar error in my copy and countless other authors mistakes. I mean seriously, wouldnt alice hear bella on the phone with james? unless she mysteriously became un vampire for about two mintues. I mean, rick riordan has those two but he doesnt make his character marry-sue or gary-stue.

  17. As popular as twilight is among most teen girls, I don’t see the appeal. Bella is much too co-dependent and she falls in love with Edward right off the batt. She also accepts him as being a bloodsucking demon without even weighing the pros and cons. It is unbearably unrealistic and frankly I cannot sit through it.

  18. Ok I don’t mean any offense to the people who don’t like Twilight I have many friends who love it! But, I HATE IT There is so much wrong with it. The writing structure in and of itself was bad the characters were boring and uninteresting and they were boringly long. Jacob, in the beginning of New Moon, was actually a really good character and I rather liked him! Then he decided to not give Bella any reason as to why he wasn’t talking to her and become a total douche. I doubt any of you can honestly say you wouldn’t tell your BEST FRIEND why you couldn’t see them anymore even if it was just a lie!! Edward is just a creepy character all together. He watches her sleep!!! That exudes creepy!!! Edward and Bella’s relationship is Messed. Up. A relationship should be between two equals Bella thinks she is bellow Edward in every way, THAT ISN’T HEALTHY. Bella is the perfect example of what we DON’T want people to be like She put her life in danger to hear Edwards voice. You shouldn’t do that even for your “true love” That they were both prepared to KILL THEMSELVES if the other wasn’t there is Not. Ok. Also sparkles. Really. I’m surprised that didn’t kill people right there. VAMPIRES DON’T BLOODY SPARKLE And Jacob “imprinting” on Renesmee NEW BORN BABY UM CREEPY And the battle in Breaking Dawn yeah ya know more than five HUNDRED pages were leading up to yeah NO BLOODY BATTLE just a bunch of people NEGOTIOATING IF I’M PROMISED A BATTLE I WILL BLOODY WELL EXPECT A BATTLE. And Stephanie Myer OBVIOUSLY wants to be Bella there is no question it’s practically a fanfiction of what she wanted her life to be. Once again I mean no offense to you but I REALLY hated these books. There are some things I didn’t even bring up but there’s plenty more please feel free to counter my arguments I am up for a disscussion! 🙂

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