Scott Pilgrim: Precious Little Life, vol. 1 by Bryan Lee O’Malley

scott pilgrim
Before you tell me, I KNOW. I know Scott Pilgrim has been around since 2004 and I probably should have covered his precious little life before now. I know tons of you have already read all five volumes (#6 debuts July 2010) of his graphic novel adventures. But for those of you who haven’t yet met the sweetest slacker boy since Rob Gordon in High Fidelity, and want the skinny before Michael Cera makes him famous on the big screen, here ya go. Scott Pilgrim is a happy go lucky dude. He’s living in an apartment almost entirely furnished and kept up by his sardonic gay roommate Wallace Wells and playing gigs with his rock and roll band while waiting for the perfect job to find him. Oh yeah, and he’s dating a high schooler named Knives Chau, (she’s 17, he’s 23) who’s completely adorable and NOT the ninja assassin her name might imply. (BTW, if I even have to leave the country abruptly, I am TOTALLY changing my name to Knives. Don’t tell anyone, k?) Everything’s just peachy until he has a crazy dream about a roller-blading delivery girl and discovers that she’s not just a dream (as in, “Get out of my dreams and into my car”) but a real live girl named Ramona Flowers (My fav quote from the book? “I know, it’s so ‘Ramona Quimby, Age 8’ and yet…Flowers.”). Scott and Ramona feel an instant connection. But what about Knives? How can Scott bear to break her innocent little heart? Then there’s also the small matter of Ramona’s seven evil ex-boyfriends, who Scott will have to fight and conquer if he wants to date her. Sound complicated? It IS. And that’s JUST volume 1! I really dug O’Malley’s rough sketched big-eyed art, his completely realistic portrayal of Scott’s dating drama with both Knives and Ramona, and the hilarious shot of bizarre fantasy at the end as Scott takes on the first of Ramona’s evil ex’s, Matthew Patel and his host of flying demon fireball girls. But the part that warms my heart is how he thanks my fav indie comic girl Hope Larson in the front. Awww! Arm yourself with all 6 paperbacks now, so you’ll be ready to debate about whether the movie does Scott justice when it hits theaters August 2010.

8 thoughts on “Scott Pilgrim: Precious Little Life, vol. 1 by Bryan Lee O’Malley

  1. Okay, fine! I have felt ‘meh’ about adding this book to my library’s YA graphic novel collection since I read a review of it about a month and a half ago, but you’re like the tenth person whose opinion I respect who has had really nice things to say about it since then, so I give in!

  2. Oh, I love Scott Pilgrim so much, unfortunately, I have yet to find a single other person in my town who reads them, so I have nobody to geek out with. Still, amazing series, and I can’t wait for the last book AND the movie to come out this summer. 😀

  3. I’ve been wanting to read this series ever since I heard about there being a movie for it. I definitely be reading the first volume soon, hopefully before the movie comes out.

  4. I kept looking at this one and then not getting it (perhaps it was because I found the artwork a tad ‘childish’ in appearance), but after your suggestion, I promptly requested as many volumes as I could from the library. Flew through the first two and anxiously awaiting any more that might be coming. A thoroughly enjoyable series all around (and I no longer think of that artwork as ‘childish’).

  5. I read the first one in an hour, and fell in love. I loved the graphics and of course the humor. I am not much into graphic novels, but with Scott Pilgrim i found myself putting the other 4 volumes on hold. I can’t wait to read them. Thanks so much for the suggestion! 😀

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