Not Just Your Parents’ Summer Reading!

Dear teen peeps, I was recently given the opportunity to review some fabulous up and coming YA fiction titles for the New York Times that are considered “crossover” books–that is, books that both you AND the adults in your life might enjoy reading. The print review appeared in the May 31 issue of the NYT Sunday Book review, but you can read it online here. Any of these titles would make outstanding summer reading choices and maybe even give you and your parents something to talk about while sunning at the beach or grilling the ‘dogs. Want more suggestions for laid back vacation prose? Then check out the entire 2015 NYT super-sized Summer Reading Book Review!

One thought on “Not Just Your Parents’ Summer Reading!

  1. For those of us that are more on the adult side is fun to read reviews on books that readers of (almost) any age will enjoy! I just finished reading a great new release called The Dragonfly Guardian by Angela Antaloczy, it is a suspenseful story that I really enjoyed! Just thought I would pass it along. Happy reading!

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