The Truth Commission by Susan Juby

Normandy Pale’s life is…complicated. She and her two best friends have embarked on a truth telling crusade where they ask people at their arts high school the one burning question everyone wants to know about them. As you might imagine, this sometimes puts them into some fairly uncomfortable and occasionally hilarious situations. Normandy’s older sister Keira is an eccentric genius who publishes the Diana Chronicles, which is an exaggerated, unflattering comic version of Normandy’s family– another fairly uncomfortable and NOT always funny position to be in. Now the intensely private Keira has laid a pretty hardcore truth on her right as Normandy begins developing “like like” feelings for one of her best friends. How is Normandy supposed ask people the truth when her own sister is begging her to keep an awful secret and her crush has no idea how she feels? Normandy may want the truth, but she just may not be able to handle it! This wickedly sly, smart read could only come from the ever fertile brain of Canadian author Susan Juby. Full of funny footnotes and sardonic scribbles, this utterly original read is ripe pickings for fans of John Green, My So Called Life or Degrassi High. If you’re looking to fill your beach bag with intelligent laughs this summer, then this is the book for you!

4 thoughts on “The Truth Commission by Susan Juby

  1. I loved this book too! I’ve been struggling with how to distill it in my review because there’s SO MUCH I want to talk about. So aside from the great review thanks for giving me an idea of how to corral my own thoughts.

  2. Are the personal events in The Truth Commission appropriate or misleading for a 13 year old girl?

  3. Is the truth telling revealed by the characters in the book “The Truth Commission” appropriate or misleading to a 13 or 14 year old girl?

  4. Dear Elizabeth,
    This book is just fine for a thirteen year old girl in my opinion, but only you can decide that for yourself by reading it!

    Jen Hubert Swan

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