Bloom by Kevin Panetta and Savanna Ganucheau

Ari just knows his future calling is to play in an indie pop band with his best friends, not work from the crack of dawn every day in his family’s struggling Greek bakery. But until he can convince his parents of that and scrape together enough rent money, he’s stuck at home making sourdough rolls. Then cute, tall Hector applies for an job behind the counter and suddenly baking sourdough isn’t so bad. Soon they are spending more and more time together, as Ari shows Hector the ropes and Hector grows closer and closer to Ari’s family. When the time comes for Ari to fully turn over the baking reins to Hector and take off for the club stages of big city Baltimore, he finds it’s not as easy as he thought. But before Ari can figure out what his heart is telling him, a terrible accident blows up his relationship with Hector and drives them apart. Can Ari make a new future for himself while finding his way back to Hector? This tender romance of a graphic novel, drawn with just a touch of manga and shaded in tones of turquoise blue, is sweetly reminiscent of another classic blue-tinted love story near and dear to this reviewer’s heart. Ari’s messy, tousled hair and Hector’s wide, welcoming smile won me over instantly, and I waited with bated breath for these two boys to figure out that what they were feeling was more than just a summer crush. Tasty extras include a recipe for the Kyrkos Family Bakery’s Famous Sourdough Rolls and a finger-snapping summer playlist of beachy songs from Hector to Ari. Fans of Rainbow Rowell, David Levithan and Nicola Yoon looking for a new swoon, your wait is over! Pluck this Bloom asap from your nearest library or bookstore!

One thought on “Bloom by Kevin Panetta and Savanna Ganucheau

  1. it was a good book! I cant believe i found it at my school library. The books isn’t gay until like the last few pages. They take a lot of time to get to know the characters and they don’t even really flirt until the end of the book. If you are looking for some soft fluff this is definitely a good book to read and I recommend this if you have never read a bl (boys love) before. The main character Ari, does suffer form some anxiety so tw for that ig. But honestly through out the hole book they kiss like 3 time but they cry like 8. Its a quick read but the beginning is extremely slow. The book is really more based on drama and less base on the fact that it is a boys love novel. But the art was really pretty and everything was done in a monochromatic blue scale , which looked really cool! anyway it was a good book for the fact it was in my school library.

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