Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz

Blue Bloods What if all the movers and shakers of the world, the billionaire power-brokers, the elite country-clubbers, the crème de la crème of high society – what if all those old school blue bloods were REALLY cold-blooded vampires? Reincarnated over and over and always passing down the power, these powerful Blue Bloods maintain their secret identities by keeping their human “familiars” alive and well by feeding off of them in shifts and perpetrating silly myths about garlic and crosses to keep humans in the dark about their existence. But now their way of life is being threatened by the Silver Bloods, an insane group of bloodsuckers who feed on other vampires instead of humans. Can the Blue Bloods be saved? Or will their secret be exposed and cause a Blue Blood/Silver Blood war that can only end in death and destruction for human society? De la Cruz’s imaginative take on the privileged upper crust, though a little convoluted, is nevertheless great fodder for the imagination. So THAT’s why those rich little debutantes never gain weight - they’re UNDEAD! Fans of vampire fiction will drink this one right down, along with it’s lip-smacking sequel, Masquerade.

6 thoughts on “Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz

  1. Yup. really is a great novel. Interestingly different.

    Oh yeah. I just wanted to ask if you’ve read any books by Katie MacAlister. Her vamp books are really amazing.

    And I haven’t seen books by authors like Tamora Pierce or Meredith Pierce. They write some good books, too. Tamora Pierce is my fav.

    If you do get to read their books, I hope that you’ll enjoy it greatly 😉

  2. Hi Kathy,

    I will have to check out Kate MacAlister–thanks for the tip. You know, I read so many books and not all of them make it onto Reading Rants–mostly because I get too busy to write them up! I have read books by both Tamora Pierce and Meredith Pierce (and I’m a bigger fan of Meredith!) and have enjoyed them. I’m really trying harder to post most of what I read now that RR is a blog. Thanks for writing in!

  3. Don’t mention it. Always glad to help a fellow reader get some good books. There really aren’t that many WOW ones circulating around…

    Anyways Meredith is good 😉 I’ve only read the Darkangel Trilogy. Is the one about the horse good as well? It just didn’t seem like it would be… it’s about a horse. But I’d be willing to check it out if you think it’s good 😉

    And oh you also need to check out books by Marianna Mancusi. (I think i spelled it right XP) Her books are really good also. Haha, I’m just looking over the list of books that I loved. It fills up like 4 pages on a Word Document!

    A Murder for Her Majesty is a good historical novel. If you have time check it out. I know you are really busy. I can tell by the sheer volume of this site. But I know lots of people appreciate it 😉 Keep up the good work.

  4. i loved this book its awsome !!! if u lived this book you’ll love the books by stephenie meyer. if u haven’t read them yet your missing out on alot. those books are awsome. i couldn’t put them down even after i was finished reading them. they are addicting!!

    If you like storys about ordinary girls falling in love with gorgeous vampires, throw in a little action, a sticky situation, and a love greater than either character has ever felt. and you’ve got stephenie meyer’s Twilight .I realy recomend this book to everyone its compelling. Its a love story more than anything else.

    I garuante you have never read anything like this in your life. the love they have for each other is so real. you can almost feel it while your reading it. If you haven’t read Twilight i feel sorry for you your missing out.

    well thats it bye!!

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