Sunshine by Robin McKinley

Sunshine Imagine this: you’ve just parked your car next to a quiet lake a few miles out of town to get some peace from your hectic job as the local whiz-kid baker supreme. Like, your cinnamon rolls are out of this world, man. But they don’t care about your baking skills. They don’t care, because they don’t eat. They only drink. And you don’t want to dwell too long on what it is that they drink. They surround you so quietly you never even hear them. And just as soundlessly, they take you away to a decrepit old mansion in the middle of nowhere, chain you to a wall, and leave one of their own chained opposite you. And now, it’s growing dark. And your fellow prisoner is slowly waking up. And he’s very, very thirsty…and if you think you know how this story ends, let Robin McKinley prove you wrong in this very dense, very surprising vampire tale.

2 thoughts on “Sunshine by Robin McKinley

  1. I read this book through 3 times before I put it down. Dishes didn’t get done, laundry didn’t get done, and my husband was lucky to get supper. I like Robin Mckinley, and she finally wrote a book that’s not for middle schoolers!

  2. I want soooooo badly to read this book it wasn’t available at the library! 🙁 I will read it as soon as I cna… it sounds really good! ♥

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