In the Forests of the Night by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

In the Forests of the NightRisika is one lonely vampire. She was turned blood sucker about three hundred years ago and since then, has lived in her big old mansion in Massachusetts, sleeping by day and hunting for unsuspecting victims by night. Her only buddy is a meat-eating tiger she visits at the local zoo (they have a lot in common). Her routine is pretty regular, and after three hundred years, also pretty boring. Then one night she is challenged by her arch enemy, a vampire named Aubrey, and the fur begins to fly! Aubrey was responsible for the death of Risika’s mortal brother, and she has never forgiven him. Now she has a chance to make him pay…and if you’re starting to think that this story has shades of Anne Rice and L.J. Smith, you are not mistaken. Forests was penned by young Amelia, a huge Rice fan, when she was only 14. While not the most original fanged tale, you might want to check it out anyway and see if that stash of stories in your desk stacks up to what other teens are writing (and publishing!).

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