Sweetblood by Pete Hautman

Chameleon author Hautman never writes the same book twice, and, in my opinion, never writes a bad book! And this original story is no exception. Lucy Szabo hates to be labeled. Just because she injects insulin a couple times a day, don’t call her a DIABETIC. So she wears black clothes and heavy black-eyeliner, doesn’t mean she’s a GOTH. Lucy’s sick of all the labels people give her just because they don’t understand what she REALLY is. See, Lucy’s theory is that anyone who depends on medical science to live, who would normally be dead without the help of penicillin or a pacemaker, is actually UNDEAD, or, if you like, a VAMPIRE. Lucy’s blood needs insulin, so it’s easier to think of herself as a take-no-prisoners-vampire instead of a sickly teen with diabetes. She even participates in a chat room with other pseudo-vampires, who claim to drink blood and shape-change. Lucy knows they’re all full of it–except the guy who’s screen name is Draco. His details about vamp life are so scarily realistic that Lucy, screen name Sweet-blood, thinks he might actually be the real thing. Does she dare meet him and find out for sure? Not your typical horror story, Hautman incorporates Goth culture, diabetes facts and vampire myths into a thought-provoking thriller that you won’t soon forget!

7 thoughts on “Sweetblood by Pete Hautman

  1. this is the best book in the world, i’ve read it about 5 times, i just cant put it down. but im doing a report on it and i was wondering what date or year this wonderful book takes place. please e-mail me.

    thank you,
    marissa. 😀

  2. i just finished reading this book for the third and it just never gets old. i especially love her encounters with Draco, and i can never picture him the way he’s pictured in the book! haha, but nonetheless its an awesome book and she views the world like i do :]

  3. So i read this book as a kid and i remember being obsessed with it but absolutely hating the ending. Spoiler she gets so spooked she falls in line to conform into society… i got into goth subculture in the summer before 5th grade and now I’ll be turning 30, homeowner, married, 5 kids, and my home and myself are still a reflection that it wasn’t a phase. Sorry not sorry.

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