Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

An Open Letter to Stephenie Meyer:

Dear Ms. Meyer,
In all the years that I have been writing Reading Rants, I have never received as much email about a title as I have about your debut novel, Twilight. Your story of star-crossed lovers, one human, one vampire, has been so embraced by teen readers everywhere, that they have let me know, in no uncertain terms, how extremely remiss I am in not having posted a review of Twilight on Reading Rants. So here it is, for those of you vampire lovers who haven’t already devoured it (and the voluminous sequels, New Moon, Eclipse, & Breaking Dawn).

Twilight Bella Swan loves the sun, but she loves her dad more, so she agrees to come live with him in his perpetually rainy abode in Washington State. There, she meets gorgeous, brooding Edward Cullen, for whom the rainy climate is perfect. You see, Edward and his family are all vampires and tend to turn translucent in sunlight (as opposed to shrivel into smoldering ash), which can be difficult to explain, hence his frequent absences from school when the weather’s fine. Luckily for Bella, who has fallen head over heels for the stunning bloodsucker, Edward and his clan only hunt animals, not people. But the teen lovers are forced to keep their ardent kisses in check, because as Edward’s Bella-lust begins to rise, so does his bloodlust, and the chances that Bella will suffer more than just your run-of-the-mill hickey. The two manage to balance their unusual relationship until a roving band of real bloodsuckers invades Edward’s family’s territory and threaten Bella. Can Edward overcome his natural desires to save Bella? Or will the new vampires cause him to cross over to the dark side? Lushly written and hauntingly atmospheric, you’ll want to follow up this read with Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare, and The Silver Kiss by Annette Curtis Klause.

70 thoughts on “Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

  1. LOVE IT! if you didn’t have this on here, i would have petitioned. incredible. can’t wait for Breaking Dawn and Midnight Sun!

  2. The Twilight series are my favorite books ever……and can not wait to get my hands on Breaking Dawn and Midnight Sun

  3. dear Stephanie I’m going crazy waiting for your new book breaking dawn I’m so in love with the twilight series i can’t put the book down and this will be the third time i read them (all three) I’m so happy i found your books i hope you keep writing because i cant wait till your done

  4. Stephanie I really enjoyed the Twilight series i never could put my book down I have to say I enjoyed new moon the best. I really enjoyed how you wrote your story it put me to tears as if I were there. You have a great gift in writtening and I never been so excited to read Breaking Dawn and Midnight Sun, grrr if only I had them.

  5. Stephanie Meyer! I HATE READING BUT THIS BOOK IS THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER!!! Omg I can’t believe i read these three briliant books! I read the first chapter of “Midnight Sun” and it is soooooo good! I realy realy realy realy can’t wait for those two books!!!

  6. Stephanie Meyer,
    My sister insisted that I read Twilight and also left New Moon and Eclipse for me to read too at Christmas time. I read all 3 in 2 weeks time and I am not a fast reader. Totally enjoyed the series and cannot wait for more. Please let me know when to expect the next 2. Thank you , Penny

  7. I LOVED TWILIGHT… i could noy but this book down. the rest of the books were soooo good. i cant wait for your next books if, you books are the ones that got me huked on vampiers. i hpe that bell and edward get marid. dont let anything happen with bell and jacob. i hope you wright more vampier books!!!!!

  8. Haii =D
    well to start out, i LOVE THE TWiLiGHT SERiES!!
    I got so hooked on them that i cant seem to put it down when i read them.
    I just feel so in love with vampires

  9. umm the thing cut off my comment..
    here it is..
    im so excited for Breaking Dawn and Midnight Sun. I’m gonna go crazy when they come out. To all of you who haven’t read Twilight, i say you read them =]
    They are sriously the best books everrr!
    and remember, Edward Cullen is MiNE!!
    Lucy Cullen (its seriously my real life last name)

  10. Sandra – where did you read the first chapter of Midnight Sun!!! i wanna read it too!! agh!! i’m so excited for these two new books of hers i can’t even wait! i’ve pretty much the read the first three at least 5 times each! i am in L

  11. OMG These are the best books ever!!! There are no words to describe!!! I cannot wait for Breaking Dawn and Midnight Sun!! It’s driving me crazy!!
    But i am not sure about the movie because movies are never as good as the book =[
    Oh well it’ll be good antway.
    Whoever hasn’t read all 3 books by now better start!!! But WARNING: after you read you will be hooked!!

  12. First book that ever made me cry.

    But I don’t want to rant over it – it already has too many rantings. But the books deserve it all.

    The first chapter of Midnight Sun is on

    I think everyone will go crazy when the sequels come out.

    Who doesn’t love Edward?

    The movie will never even come near to the book. Don’t get your hopes up.

  13. omg! at first, i didn’t read books with over 300 pages in it, but after reading twilight, i couldn’t care less about the pages! those three books are the most best books in the entire universe!

  14. Yeah, this book has done wonders for those who do not like to read.

    “Analeesha Jenkins said,
    omg! at first, i didn’t read books with over 300 pages in it, but after reading twilight, i couldn’t care less about the pages! those three books are the most best books in the entire universe!”

    I do not agree with you. Yes, they are amazing, but you shouldn’t be so one minded. I can think of other books that are really up there with Twilight. Read other stuff. It can be just as fun. 😀

    “Hannah said,
    I really did not like Twilight. I did not like all of the vampire talk”

    I understand. I’m not one for vampires and werewolves and dark things like such. I sometimes think that Edward’s beautifulness was stressed a little too much – but then Bella, of course is biased. Wow, this is the first time I’ve ever heard someone not liking Twilight. It’s …refreshing.

  15. I luv twilight and eclipse ,sorry not really new moon except for the jacob parts. i cant wait till midnight sun and breaking dawn. sadly the movie will never be as good unless you wait till its out to read twilight and them.

  16. I don’t really like Jacob. Jerkface. (I mean he would have been good had he not been all selfish and like “Ooooh! Bella– you know you love me! And not that bloodsucker”… so inconsiderate and— rrr! Ok, I’ll stop.)

  17. I loved this book so much I think I was obsessed with it……I’m now reading New Moon and can’t wait for the third….I wanna also read the 4th and can’t wait til they make the movie…..I loved this book so much!

  18. Hey I was acting like I was in the book myself and I started crying like Bella did in the story….thanks so much for making the books….I’ll read them all….eventually….

  19. omg these are the best books i have ever read. i am counting the days for the next two books to come out. for those people out there who don’t enjoy these books all i can say is your crazy and probally to stupid to understand them. these books are so addicting that after your throught with them you have withdrawls. i know i am. i read all three books in one week and i hate reading. i love these books!

  20. I LOVEE twilight series so do..all 20 of my friends yeah alot of people!
    most of them hate reading untill i told them/found out about twilight.We all love the series & Edward hahaa ! Showing soo much love from Ontario,Canada 🙂

    Stephenie keep doing what you do best !

  21. i looooooovvve the twilight series soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m on my 12 time reading eclipse, heck i read all of them 12 times!!!!!!

  22. I cannot stop reading Twilight. Honestly it so good in all my life I have never stayed up about 24 hours just wanting to find out what happens to Bella and Edward. Amazing book. I just got the book yesterday and I’m already on page 320. YEAHH CRAZY:)

  23. okay, i know everyone who posted these comments or has read the books is going to hate me but, i really didn’t like any of the Twilight books. they are very fast reads, i will agree with that, but i just don’t understand what everyone loves about them. i think my biggest problem is i just don’t like the characters. i find it very difficult to relate to Bella, she responds to everything the complete opposite then i would and her character is very contradicting. and then there is Edward. i dislike him because he is not very believable. if you were that ask any teen age girl to disdribe their perfect dream guy, the result would be an almost perfect discription of Edward Cullen. and the truth is, no one is really like that. and Jake Black, what’s with him??? rather then adding an interesting spin, it just makes the whole thing more annoying because we all know who she’s going to end up with so it seems like we’re just wasting our time sitting around. i’m sorry, i honestly have nothing against romance, i just don’t understant why everyone is so maddly in love with these.

  24. I agree absolutely with Hazel… these books (hate me as much as you want for saying this) are nothing special..

    In fact, they’re sort of like vampire fanfiction… except, they got published and made millions of dollars.

  25. wow, Maggie, you are the first person who hasn’t looked at me strangly or just waved me off when i said that. these books are all i ever hear about and then with the movie coming out… you know, the other thing i really don’t like are the wolves, she has all these really weird colors like sandy and chocolate brown but wolves don’t come in those colors!!! Twilight is like the new Harry Potter and i just don’t get what is so wonderful about them.

  26. i loved twilight i’ve already got five of my friends reading it and so far they love it too. i honestly dont beleive you if you say you dont like these books. no offense but i mean whats not to like about them? i will admitt New Moon kind got me depressed with the whole edward thing but the ending was totally worth it in my opinion.

    Stephanie Meyer is an awsome writer she should keep doing what she dose best.
    go to her website
    and check it out!!

  27. dude i LOVE these books!! they were the books that got me into reading & i must say that if anyone doesnt lyk them then (no offense) something is messed up with the way u think!! i have read them over 12 times & he first time ive read any of them it took me less than a day to read them!! i cant wait for breaking dawn & midnight sun to come out!! i bet there gonna ROCK!! if anyone disagrees then to bad go read another book!! but there is one thing im just not really totally sure about the movie first because its gonna change or/add parts to it & its not gonna be the same & second cuz everybody has scenes imagined their way & to see them another way is gonna be heartbreaking!!

    Stephenie keep doing what you do best!!

    Mitzi Swan (that really is my last name, it must mean i have my own edward out there somewhere!! : )

  28. My friend loaned me the first book, but took it away before I finished. I got to page 3??

    It was pretty good so I read some other vampire novels, is this one different from other vampire novels?

  29. kassidy,

    it really sucks that your friend took it away from you before u could even get into it…its not like another regular vampire book–u know all that type of vamps killing ppl in dark alleys (nothing to do with it)–u should defenitly ask ur friend to let u borrow it again-ASAP!!- it is defenitly worth the read!!****spoiler*** its about a ordinary girl that falls in a sudden love with the HOTTEST vamp. alive & they have to face obstacles to be together and she is so love struck that she’ ll do anything to be with him….even risk her life for him!!

    well i hope u can get it back and read it!! p.s. if u finish the book & like it i recommened the sequels: New Moon, & Eclipse, (her 4th book is coming out august the 2nd)…..hope u like it!!!

  30. i need to read the first chapter of midnight sun but my comp won’t let me!
    could someone email me it?
    copy and pase plz! no links!

  31. OMIGOSH!
    i really loved this series and i cant wait to read the next two books! for those of you who didnt like them, i can see why. but to some people, its just good for them to read these books. they’re a great read, and i can honestly admit that. i LOVE harry potter too, so i guess im just into weird stuff like that. i have read a TON of books in my life, but i can honestly say that i havent read any as good as the twilight series.
    keep on writing ms. meyers!

  32. Am I the ONLY person that didn’t like this book?
    I really don’t understand why everyone is so obsessed with it.
    Every other sentence was either about about Bella and Edward touching or Bella staring into Edward’s eyes and knowing exactly what he was thinking. She was a little too good at reading people, especially Edward, and it was really kind of tedious. I think the actual story line had potential but it was poorly written.
    I wanted to roll my eyes every time Bella saw Edward smile her favorite crooked smile with his beautiful liquid topaz eyes right before he tenderly caressed her cheek with a cool fingertip, blah blah blah.
    No offense to the people who actually enjoyed this book…

  33. Don’t worry I though that this book was SOOOOOO unrealistic (not because of the vampires) but because of the characteristics of bella and edward and his family. Like rachel I think the story line has potential but it needs to be revised. The book might be better if it was about half as long.

  34. Hey Twilight fans,

    What did you think of Breaking Dawn? I’d love to have a few of you post your thoughts here on Reading Rants. Let me know!

  35. Stephanie,
    Can’t wait for the Twilight Saga book and Midnight. I need something to sink my teeth into.


  36. omg stephenie meyer you are AMAZING!!!!! im a young actress in the making and this book was what woke me up in many rewarding ways!!!! im about to read Breaking Dawn for the 4th time and im enjoying even more than the first time…. your books will always top any vampire or romance book out there… sorry about what happened with Midnight Sun, who ever did it was extremely wrong and careless but if you do start to work on it again ill be the first one in line… the manuscript you postedon your website was amazing i don’t know which one was better Twilight or that glimpse i got on Midnight Sun. I hope you recover from that disrespectful tragedy and finish Edward’s side of the story because im sure all of us( your supporting fans) are craving for Midnight Sun.

  37. OMG!!!!Twilight was AMAZING!!!!!!! I have read the whole series like 7 times and have just recently aquired Breaking Dawn. You, Stephanie Meyer, are a very talented person. I love the detail you put into these books and the personality you give the characters. This is BY FAR the best books I have ever read in my entire life, which hasn’t been that long but still…I can’t believe that this has happened to you…who can be so low as to take Midnight Sun and distribute it???? That is just WRONG!!!!! I am very angry about this. I had no idea you were planning another after Breaking Dawn, but when I found out what happened, I was absolutely livid….But anyway, I hope you find your inspiration again and continue with the rest of the story…All of us who ENJOYED the books are waiting for the rest of the story…

  38. OMG this book was awesome………….but i hear that the second one seems more as a filler than another adventure compared to the first. Although i believe that the books will all be amazing i have heard that the second and the fourth are seemingly, as i stated before, fillers…..i hope that they will live up to the first and Mrs. meyer you are an amazing writer/author

  39. omg. this story reminds me of me and my bf chase…
    i mean i just reread new moon last nite and started crying, cuz what comes next is my birthday in 2 months and him leaving..
    so i cried myself to sleep last nite.
    but this book changed my life. and chases too. hes read all of them, so hes knows how to be my edward, and im his bella. ;]
    im so in love, thank you stephenie meyer.

    youve changed so many ppls lives.

  40. also, last nite, i was reading and said out loud to myself, “How can someone so human write such an AMAZING book??”
    and stephenie, do you believe in vampires?
    cuz i sure do now.

  41. i personally have never been much of a reader okay with the people i hang out with reading was for dorks. And twilight at my school was for the gothic freaks or the Emos. But i finnaly got convinced into reading it and i finished the first book in one day! (keep in mind i don’t read im the blonde girl everyone laughs at in class) but i really connected with bella feeling helpless and clumsy but not wanting to addmit it. falling in love with with somone and they abandon you. This book was amazing i can not see how anyone could not be in love with this book. and Hazel or who ever you didn’t know who she was going to choose edward left her leaving her to depend on jacob bound with him love him in a different way but a way that could have ended her and edward. And how is edward’s charecter not have depth and hes not a copy of everyones perfect guy because sorry but i hope my perfect guy doesn’t have an urge to kill me everytime we are close. there are so many things that make this book so much different then any other vampire book or love story and if you didn’t notice these difference’s go back and read the books again before you post. just saying. i think stephenie meyer’s did an amazing job with her books and im so so so disapointed about her last one that she has decided to stop writing i do hope she changes her mind but i have the ut most respect for this women shes A – MMAZ-ING

    i love twilight

  42. Ali, when I read your reply, I admit I was a little taken aback, you come off as a little defensive and it has taken me nearly a week to think up a reasonable reply. First, I would like to say that I am sorry you can not accept that I have a very different opinion than yours and as for understanding; I felt I gave very well supported details on my views in my previous post. You counter acted everything I said but you gave no reasons of your own for feeling the way you do. Secondly, I would like to say that a very large part of your very passionately written paragraph I did not understand what you were trying to say. I understand that this is just a post to give your opinion and not a formal English essay but I think the over all point is mutual: to be understood. Please, I know you are probably mentally telling me to go to hell, but I would like you to post back. This time however, I would like it if you might be a little more polite and rather than shutting down all of my points, bring up a few more details and example of your own.

  43. I seem to be one of a few people on the planet who couldn’t stand this book. Perhaps it’s because I’m used to more literary books having come somewhat freshly from university reading and English courses; but I still found the book dredfully written. While the plot itself was not horrible (cliche, though, to be fair) the actual writing was long-winded and has a tendency to over justify Bella’s feelings. As a librarian, I appreciate the fact that it’s getting teens to read, but it’s a book that I didn’t much appreciate in the end.

  44. I love the Twilight series! They are the best books ever. Breaking dawn was so amazing its hard to put into words. And I’ve alwas been into romantic novels so this was defiantely the one for me. I heard about the book Twilight from a friend last year and she told me I didn’t know what I was missing, so I decided to give it a shot. I saw the cover right away and figured it was a book for emo people, It looked quite depressing. But I read it anyways and couldn’t stop reading it, I took it everywhere with me I read it in a day and then kept reading it agian and agian. Then I started telling people to read it because its about the best book I’ve ever read. I was so excited to read the other two. And then I did,and the fourth one came out too. Oh jeez there were so many things in there that I was not expectating. So that made it so good. I’m really upset that Stephanie Meyer isn’t going to publish Midnight Sun. And I’m definately mad at those people who ruined the book for us, sorry. Hopefully maybe she will be able to publish it soon I can’t wait till she does. And I can’t wait till the movie Twilight to come out, hopefully its as good as the book. Super excited!

    I feel in love with Edward, he’s like the perfect guy!!
    but i have to agree with some of you. The books couldve been longer
    and more discriptive. The last book (Breaking Dawn) i think could’ve been WAY longer because sooo many things happened and there were so many questions to be asked. The ending in that book was pretty weak too. My excitment was built up so much, and i look forward in reading that book, but to my dissapointment Breaking Dawn could’ve been better. All in all, i still LOVE THE TWILIGHT SERIES!!!

  46. Longer? really? I thought most of them were WAY too long, particularly the last one! I was so bored in parts i could very easily have fallen asleep. The ending was defiantly weak. There was two hundred pages of her repeating “OMG we’re all gonna die!” and then all the bad guys got there and rather than being exciting, we were met with a hundred pages of talking. The whole last part was really sappy and predictable, she should have thrown something at us that we weren’t expecting but I guess that was way too much to ask for.

  47. ok im not just gonna post another comment saying how much i luv twilight because i think that it obvious, but anyway i believe that the books couldnt hve been any better stephanie meyer is a genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THX U MS MEYER!!!!!!!!!!! u rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    pleeeeeeeeezzzzz continue midnight sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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