Asylum for Nightface by Bruce Brooks

Asylum for Nightface Fourteen year old Zimmerman is sort of different from other guys his age in that, well, he’s pretty on fire for God. But not in a sanitized- organized-religion-kind-of-way, more like a historical-philosophical-why-are-we-all-here-kind-of-way. Which strangely enough, gets him in trouble with his rich yuppie parents who keep wondering why he doesn’t cut loose and go completely crazy like a “normal” teenager. Then, Zim’s parents get “born again” into this kooky island religion that Zimmerman sees through instantly. Suddenly, they are proclaiming that he was right all along and want to cast him in the role of “teen Messiah.” Well, Zim’s having no part of that, and what he does to throw them off his track is totally surprising. This book will leave you pondering whether the difference between right and wrong is absolute, or really just depends on the circumstance.

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