Godless by Pete Hautman

Godless Sixteen year old Jason Bock is getting pretty sick of the Teen Power Outreach, or TPO sessions his father is making him attend at their Catholic church. So Jason decides to create his own religion called The Church of the Ten Legged God, based on the town’s ten legged water tower as his chosen object of worship. His disciples are called Chutengodians, and include his friends Shin, Dan, Magda and Henry. Together, they decide that Tuesday will be their Sabbath, and that Chutengodians discriminate against morons, terrorists and intelligent fish. Of course, their religion includes a pilgrimage to the top of the water tower, which is where they get nailed by police for defiling the town’s water supply by swimming in it! But Jason’s got even bigger problems. He learns that not only has Shin has been compiling a book of Chutengodian mythology, but he’s actually starting to believe in it! What started out as a lark is now getting out of hand, and Jason isn’t sure what or even if he can do anything about it. Jason is learning the hard way that when you create something, you’re also responsible for it, whether you like it or not. A short, somewhat silly spiritual novel with a serious message that you can probably finish in just one Sunday (or Tuesday!) afternoon.

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