What Girls Learn by Karin Cook

what girls learn Tilden is a twelve-year old mess. Her free-spirited mom has just uprooted her and her sister Elizabeth AGAIN, this time to go live with this guy on Long Island who owns a chauffeur business. Just as she and her little sis are getting settled, Tilden’s mother discovers she has a lump in her breast. How Tilden and Elizabeth deal with their mother’s cancer makes for a story that is both brave and tearful. This is definitely a three-hankie read.

7 thoughts on “What Girls Learn by Karin Cook

  1. This sounds like a great book, im checking it out today, all teens need to feel like they connect to something, im going thru a lot now, being a prego teen and haveing friend and family issues, this book seems like it will be just the thing i need to read to connect to!

  2. this book is so touching and funny. i love it.
    i give it two thumbs up 🙂

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